QDO is a company of Danish origin, with Scandinavian design heritage and an open-minded global view.

We believe in products with authenticity. Designed beautifully and functionally for you. Combined with aesthetics and perhaps just a little touch of Scandinavian humor.

We believe in creating products that combines all of that and if we are lucky, it just might assist you in creating a bit of hygge.

Hygge is a Danish word that is as difficult to translate, as it is to pronounce. It is often translated with coziness" but it is much more than that. Hygge is sitting with your best friend talking for hours or sitting with your best friend reading a magazine for hours saying nothing at all. It is cozy lounging in a deck chair at the harbourside on an autumn day or staying inside by a warm fireplace, a cup of tea and reading a book. It is a feeling and a moment.

We believe in being part of creating moments. To let our coaster light create the ambient soft light. To let our Elements glass keep the coffee or tea warm. To let our new Tea on a stick infuser create the perfect cup of tea. At home, at the café anywhere you are in the mood for hygge.

Thats what we believe and thats where we want to be. With you in your moments of life.

Have a QDO moment!